Saturday, August 13, 2011

Saturday News

Hi!  Thanks so much for stopping by to visit!  Today is Saturday.  Pappy and his friend worked around the farm today,  cutting up trees that were taken down by the tornado.  His friend worked in exchange for the wood his family will use this winter.  A second friend came by also.  I went and got sandwiches for lunch, and I think they all had a nice visit while getting things done around here. 

I have worked on my email most of the day.  I cleaned out my inbox.  As I was doing so, I moved things I wanted to cancel into a separate file.  I finished canceling all those items a few minutes ago.  So hopefully I will get less email now to deal with each day.  I still received a lot of home school emails and blogs, and I have not had a child in school in three years.  Grandboy is only almost three, so still a few years before he starts school.  I also answered some emails and sent some emails.  Now maybe Pappy will be happier that I won't be on the computer so much.  We'll see.

When I went out to get lunch, I stopped by Lowe's for some John Deere green and yellow paint.  Pappy is working on Grandboy's birthday present!  And I went by our community thrift store.  They have two openings and Daughter #3 applied Thursday, so maybe she will get the job and be closer to home.

This evening I had to go meet with a tenant.  I had received complaints about the family, but when I got there, the yard was neat and well kept, the inside was clean, neat, and "non-odorous".  The people were clean, dressed appropriately, and acted fine.  So I told them about the complaints, and asked them to keep in mind that someone had reason to contact the "watch group" about them.  I asked them to try to have less company, and keep their dog under control.  I don't think I will have any more complaints.

Well, that's about it for here.  I tried to plan our "staycation" that we are planning for the first of the month.  Pappy doesn't seem to get the concept.  He said he doesn't think he can stay on the farm and do "nothing".  We always go an hour away to a river town and stay in a chalet for a week for Labor Day.  This year the tornado damaged several units and we don't have reservations.  So we'll see how this works out.  But I'm not going to have ANY trouble doing nothing!

Come back to see us tomorrow!  Honey

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