Friday, August 26, 2011

Lunch with Pappy

GrandBoy chasing Canadian geese at the park

Today was Friday.  It was really nice.  Daughter #1 went on a vacation for the weekend.  When I got off work, I really didn't have anything pressing, like I normally do.  So I called Pappy and asked if he'd like me to bring him lunch!  He was at our pasture that is farthest from where we live.  He's been working there all week.  So I stopped and picked up bar-b-que sandwiches and tea.  Pappy and I sat on a trailer and ate together.  When I got there, he asked me, "Do you have some REALLY good news for me?"  I said, "No, I just came for lunch!".  That is how rare it is for us to have lunch together!  After we ate, Pappy went back to work, and I left to run errands. I went to Wal-mart to price window air conditioners, to the post offices and banks, to get gas, and to the grocery store.  Now it is 10:00 at night.  Everyone is asleep but me.  I wanted to do a few things before turning in.  Pappy left the german shepherd loose because something is still killing the rabbits.  Hopefully in the morning we will know what it was!

The above photo is of GrandBoy at the park last Sunday.  He and daughter #2 go to the part every Sunday after church.  The geese decided to land at the park, and GrandBoy took off after them.  It was so cute!  He is afraid of the peacocks at the farm.  Pappy has tried to show him to act like he is in the photo, to scare the peacocks.  So I guess he was practicing on the geese, who are more his size!

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