Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Open Heart Open Home, Chapters 15 and 16

Welcome!  I'm so glad you stopped by!  Today I am linking up to The Common Room where The Head Mistress is sharing the book Open Heart Open Home, by Karen Mains.  We are reading chapters 15 and 16 this week.  The title of these chapters are "Stewards of Time" and "Shortcuts".

In Chapter 15, Karen starts out talking about her husband, and how he has always been in charge of time.  She said that time had control of her.  I feel very similarly.  I usually do things last minute, but I am not usually late.  I just usually don't see a need to do things before they have to be done, if you understand what I mean.  I have a sign hanging over my stove that reads:  If it weren't for last minutes, nothing would ever get done!  That is so true, and it drives my husband nuts!  I am trying to become more orderly and in control of a schedule.  This has really become more apparent in the last year because my husband retired.  He used to work third shift and sleep all day.  Now he is home.  So he likes a routine, and I have to try to find one!  Actually, we have had schedules and routines in the past.  But at each change of our lives, those things have to be adjusted.  So this time is one of those changes.

On page 172 Karen mentions that "Since Abraham put Sarah away privately when she was with child, I felt we in decency should do no less, and for those last few months I remained home from church, grateful for the few morning hours of silence."  I thought this was interesting.  I wonder if she would feel that way if she was expecting today?  I say that because the original text was written in 1976.  Although I'm sure I would enjoy the silence now! But I believe she had a difficult pregnancy, so that may have been a reason also.

Karen talks in this chapter, also, of realizing "our time is really His time".  I think I am at that time of my life.  I find myself thinking of God and His plans for me and my family, more and more.  I don't know if that comes from age, or maturity.  I always want to feel that the Lord would know He is welcome any time in our home.

At the end of chapter 15, Karen writes about going on an over-simplifying kick.  She realized that people like to feel that you fussed over them.  I'm sort of the opposite.  I like to see how sometimes simple things that others do, are very satisfying and can be elegant.  I remind myself at those times that I don't have to spend a lot of money, or all day getting ready, to entertain and offer hospitality. 

Chapter 16 talks of Shortcuts.  Karen feels that if she has a good housekeeping schedule in place, it is not necessary to clean before company.  I don't know if I will ever be at that point.  I will at least have to run around and pick up the piles of mail, books, etc., and swish the brush around the toilet! 

On page 182, she talks of being unique in your decor.  She mentions using an old patchwork quilt as a table cloth.  I am actually doing this.  I got a quilt out of one of our empty rental houses.  It is covered in large daisies, about the size of plates, in different colors.  I love it, and it makes me happy to look at it.  Well, that must be a matter of taste, because we were expecting company, and my daughter asked me if she could remove the "bedspread" from the table!  I said, "NO!".  Oh, you know.  One man's treasure.....

I love "dishes".  Really this includes any kind of kitchen item.  We come across lots of "treasures"  in our empty rental houses, and at thrift stores and flea markets, etc.  Recently a young girl at church was married.  I loaned her all my china plates and several serving pieces to use at the wedding.  Antique china is a weakness of mine.  So Kate used my "mismatched plates" at her reception.  I was somewhat embarrassed when a lady said, "all these plates are yours?"  Yes, all 80 plates.  So I really don't need to collect any thing.  If you ladies need to borrow anything, you just let me know!  I've got it covered!

Please come back to see me tomorrow.  Got to the last line, and GrandBoy said, " Honey, cut it off" and pushed a button!  I thought this was gone for good!  Thank goodness for auto save and drafts! Honey

My quilt "tablecloth"


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