Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cutting Hay and Shelling Beans

As I told you all a few days ago, Pappy has been busy with the hay cutting this week.  We try to have all our own hay, to keep from buying any.  Usually if we buy, we buy square bales for the goats and sheep. 

We just wrote a check to Pappy's friend who cuts the hay.  (Pappy's title is the hay hauler!)  It was a larger check than I'd have liked, but it was for all the fields, and about 110 rolls.  We hope we get a second cut, but if not we should be OK.

This afternoon, I got a call from Daughter #3.  She asked if GrandBoy could come stay because they are looking for jobs.  I went to McDonalds and picked him up.  He will be here till at least till Thursday morning.  He gets confused when he comes on days that aren't "church" days.  So I had to explain to him we go to church tomorrow. 

Pappy picked all the lima beans yesterday.  So tonight, GrandBoy and I shelled them.  He was so happy that he learned a new "job".  We texted pictures to his Mom. 

GrandBoy shelling lima beans at age almost 3!

We teach our children at an early age to help out in the family.  We've always had rental properties and if we went to work the properties, our girls came, too.  If we were painting, they painted.  One of our daughters always said "But Daddy, I want to hammer!".  So GrandBoy is following in their footsteps.  He loves to learn new chores and thinks he can run the farm single handed! 

Thanks so much for stopping by!  More farm news tomorrow.  Honey

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