Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cow Sale, and other events in Farm Life

Today Pappy went to the cow sale.  GrandBoy was unable to go because his Mama wanted him to go to day care.  (throws up my hands and shrugging my shoulders)  So Pappy went with a friend.  Pappy bid on a lot of cows, and  came with a Charolais cow, five months bred.  She is thin and skittish, but will settle into the herd.  I think Pappy is planning to go back again Thursday.  He took 3 cows last week and one this week to sell.  We also listed a young bull on the Internet for sale.  We have had good luck in the past doing this with some of the cattle before taking it to the sale.

Tonight I put some tomatoes from our garden, into the freezer.  I have a lot of peppers to do something with this week.  I also need to make granola.  And my daughter #1 got me some cabbage and I will freeze that too!  That was on my list of things we needed to put up this year.

Speaking of food.  Last weekend Pappy brought home three cardboard boxes of food from one of our empty rental houses.  There were 8 cans of corn!  Many other kinds of vegetables including spinach, turnip greens, and asparagus.  Fruit including blue berries.  I love to get free food!

I included a cute picture of GrandBoy from last winter.  He is so cute.  He is helping Pappy move the baby goats.  Paci and all!  See you tomorrow!  Honey

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