Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday Happenings

Today I had to work a little while.  The company I work for, owns a commercial building that held a thrift store.  The thrift store went out of business and left a building full of items.  So we are going to have an indoor yard sale next Saturday to sell all the items.  I have a charity group I use lined up to be present when the sale is over to pick up the items left over.  There is a room full of black trash bags full of clothing and items that were donated.  Those bags are stacked to the ceiling!  This will be interesting, to say the least.  I think Daughter #2 is going to help me with the sale.  I hope most of the items are taken before the sale is over.  There is furniture, appliances, clothing, toys, shoes, books, you name it.  All kinds of items you'd see at a sale, and a lot of them.  It is very hot in there.  Maybe it will be cool next Saturday.  One of my tenants came in over there.  She was the postal carrier.  What a coincidence!

I called all our tenants yesterday that owe us money.  I had 10 evictions in my car to post, but decided I'd try calling one time before posting.  I collected from 4 families, and received a promise from one more for tomorrow.  That made a big dent in what we needed to get this month.  Tomorrow after church I'll have to go out and post the ones that didn't pay!

Daughter #3 still does not have a phone.  She did borrow one to call me and ask me to pick up GrandBoy today.  So he is here with us.  I met her at the grocery store to pick him up.  He was tired so I don't think he had a nap today.  He ate, and laid down on his pallet. 

We'll that is about all today.  I look forward to talking again tomorrow.  Honey

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