Thursday, August 4, 2011

Open Heart Open Home, Chapters 11 and 12

Hi!  Today I am linking this post to The Common Room where the Headmistress is reviewing the book Open Heart, Open Home by Karen Mains.  Today we are at chapters 11 and 12. 

Chapter 11 is entitled "The Finest House in Town".  To me this chapter was about sharing what we are gifted with.  Our talents are a gift from God.  We are to invest our talents and grow them to serve our Lord.  Those who have been given much, much will be expected from them.  The book told of a family who had the nicest house in town.  But they didn't share it with others.  Those not as fortunate stood outside the fence and watched, but were never invited inside.  There have been several instances in my life where I did not feel included.  What is the saddest is when I knew we weren't included, but my children didn't understand.  We visited a church when my girls were little.  The baby was 18 months and the twins were 31 months old.  I went to church with the children alone because my husband is not a believer.  This was a really large church, and I thought they would have a lot to offer my children in the way of classes, curriculum, etc.  I took the girls to the nursery because they became fussy.  There were two ladies sitting in rocking chairs, in a huge room full of toys, with no babies to watch.  They said "We don't allow children in the nursery over 18 months".  I looked around the room, and said "You mean you have no children in here, but they can't come in because they are too old?"  They let the girls come in, and I went back to finish the worship service alone, and ponder over what had just happened.  When I picked the girls up after the service, they were still the only children in there.  The ladies asked the girls' ages.  When I told them, they said they had guessed they were stair-step children, but not the twin part.  No one offered to help us to the car, no one introduced themselves.  They were all busy hurrying to their cars.  Eventually we visited a small country church full of older people who were crazy about my babies!  They would meet us at the car, offer to help get the girls in the building, etc.  We stayed at that congregation for about 17 years.  Sometimes what you think you need, doesn't look like you expect.

One of my daughters is not like other people.  We were told when she was small that we needed to keep a close eye on her because she "doesn't see bad in people".  She thinks everyone she meets is just like her.  One day we were at a fast food restaurant and a beggar was outside.  My daughter walked over and gave him money for lunch out of her own wallet.  I didn't think it was wise, but I didn't say anything.  I wondered if she does this kind of thing when she is out alone. When we came outside, the beggar was still there, this time getting money from a new lady.  When he asked that lady for money for food, my daughter said, "Oh, no.  I just gave you money, remember?  Did you lose it?"  The new lady grabbed her kids and left, and I was afraid the beggar was going to kill us.  But my daughter really believed  the beggar had misplaced his money.  I need to be more like my daughter.  She gives with an open fist.  She doesn't worry or wonder what they are going to do with the money.  She fills a need as she sees it.  It is not my problem if I give and they buy alcohol or something else.  It is just my job to give.  My husband will not give money to people, but he will buy them a meal.  No one will ever go hungry if he is around. 

I guess the main lesson from these chapters is it all belongs to God.  Just like the talents in the Bible.  It is just our job to take care of them and grow them.  I'm going to try to remember that as I go through my days in the future.

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