Thursday, August 18, 2011

Large Family Logistics - Part Two B

Hi!  Today I am linking to 4 Moms, 35 Kids (Raising Olives, Life in a Shoe, Smockity Frocks, and The Common Room) to discuss the book "Large Family Logistics  The Art of Science of Managing the Large Family" by Kim Brenneman.  Today's post will cover chapters 28 through 47.

Chapters 28 through 38 cover your family's daily routines.  During 28 years of marriage, we have tried many routines.  Today, there are less of us living here, and for the most part we are all adults.  So our routines are different these days.  I wish our daughters would help out more and take an active part in our family management.  Pappy really wishes I would make this happen.  But so far, I have not been successful with this.  Morning routines are pretty much the same every day.  I get up, make coffee, let the dog out.  I check in with my Maximize Your Morning Group on Twitter.  I read my Bible in 90 Days reading.  I get dressed and wake whoever needs to get up.  I lay out or plan what we will have for dinner.  Then I leave for work.  In the car, I plan my day, and pray for my family. 

At this time of my life, this morning routine is probably the best, most consistant routine I have.  I know this comes from being at a different stage in life than the other ladies reading this book.  They have small children at home, and I no longer do.  When our girls were small, we always had read aloud time before bed.  We read many chapter books during those times.  Books that were my favorites as a child.  We had family devotionals during dinner.  My husband is not a believer.  So while my husband and children ate dinner, I would read from the Bible.  When I was through with the reading, or they had finished dinner, then I would eat.  I wish we had started that earlier, when they were small. 

We didn't really have a buddy system.  Our girls were all the same age.  We had three babies in 13 months.  The twins were 13 months old when our baby was born.  So they were really more like a gang!  But our youngest was always slower to pick up new tasks, so her sisters would watch after her and make sure everything was all right.  They were good sisters.  If only they could stay little like that forever. 

A routine I NEED to institute now is a Health and Wellness one.  I really need to start exercising, for many reasons.  One is to stay active.  I have scoliosis, and get very stiff.  So remaining active is a must.  I believe I will try that soon. 

This seems to be a year for growth and change, as far as routines in my life goes.  I have started trying to streamline my life in many areas.  I am hoping to minimize these routines as much as possible.  I am in the process of downsizing our household belongings.  My goal is to average 10 items a day for the year.  I am doing pretty good, I think.  But we didn't get this stuff in a year, so it will take to thin it out.

Well, I guess that's all for me.  I have enjoyed this book and the opportunity to link up with such great women.  Thanks for stopping by.  Honey

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