Sunday, August 7, 2011

Media and my Friendships

Hi!  This week I am linking up with Women Living Well for Media Mondays.  This week the topic is Media and Friendships.  This post will be short!  My husband is not a computer person.  Or, let me rephrase that.  He is not an Internet person.  He hardly ever goes on the Internet, and has no email account.  He feels strongly that Facebook and MySpace are place where you meet people that ruin your marriage.  Sort of like a dating club I suppose.  We do not have Facebook or MySpace accounts.  One day that may change, if there were a good reason to have one, such as business, etc.  But for now this is how we do it.

My sister, who is on Facebook, tells me I should have an account.  That everyone we used to know has an account and would like to hear from me.  That they ask about me.  I guess that is another reason I don't have an account.  I'm a very busy person.  I really don't want to know what everyone had for dinner or what movie they saw.  Especially not people I knew 20 to 30 years ago.  If someone wants to meet for coffee, call me, or send me a note, I'm all for it.  But Facebook seems to me to be an ongoing daily time commitment.  One I don't want to get obligated to.  So currently I'm not really media friendly.

Another reason I don't have Facebook is because my husband and I are landlords.  We have had rental property for 20 years.  Another landlord I know, who doesn't even live in the city he owns property, told me about a women posting on his page, asking did he own the house on XXXXX street, that the toilet was broken and hadn't worked in a week.  Seems the property management company was not responding as she felt they should.  I know that would happen to me.  I would probably get death threats posted on line when I evicted someone.  So I think it is better I keep a low media profile. 

One thing I do need to do is match all my Internet personalities.  The email address I use the most, doesn't match my twitter account or my blog address.  So I need to work on all that soon.  And maybe I need to get over this fear I have of people knowing who I am.  I am also mortified by some of the things my adult children post on their pages.  So I keep my life compartmentalized.

I do have a twitter account, but that I use mostly for "group" activities like B90 Days and Hello Mornings.  I have this blog, but most people who know me in real life, don't know I have a blog.

There are people that I do associate with on the Internet, other Bloggers and Twitter friends.  I have some people that I am close to and admire.  They just live in a different place than I do, and some of them look like cartoon characters! 

I know this is not what I was suppose to write, but this is me.  I'll see you next week!  Thanks for stopping by.  Honey


  1. Actually Honey that's what I love about blogging link-ups...sometimes I'm surprised by someone having such a different perspective or angle that they decide to write about. I am also typically a very private person so I respect your comments and views. I'm 'different' in that I don't give my cell number out much because I don't like to be tracked down. Blogging has been a big leap for me...but rewarding.

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