Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Canning Mushrooms

Today I'm going to talk about canning mushrooms.  We use these a lot in everything.  I like to make these myself so I know that what we are eating is healthy, and doesn't have any chemicals in it.  Only mushrooms, water and salt!  I also can cream of mushroom soup, but I don't need any of that this year. 

I buy all the marked down mushrooms they have in the produce department.  It doesn't matter what kind.  If one pack is large slices, and the other is small, I try to cut them about the same size. 

These are portobello mushroom tops.  There were two packs of these out of the ten packs I got.  We'll eat these for dinner, but I'm showing them because I forgot to photograph the others before cooking.  I empty the packs in the sink, and rinse off.  Place the mushrooms in a pot, cover with water, and heat to a boil.  I used the directions in the Ball canning guide. 

While the mushrooms were heating I washed all the jars and set aside.  I filled the jars with mushrooms to shoulder high on the jars.  Cover with boiling water and add a quarter teaspoon salt to each jar.  I used half pint jars, because I wanted  them to be close to the size of the small mushroom cans at the grocer.  Heat the lids and rings.  Place on the jars, and process in a pressure canner for 45 minutes I believe.  I ended up with 10 jars of sliced mushrooms, and 4 jars of half mushrooms. 

My pictures are awful, and I'm going to work on this this month.

So now I have mushrooms for the winter.  I also have Lima beans, corn and pear sauce to can.  But I didn't get to it all before church. 

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