Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Night

I'm always so glad by the time Friday night gets here.  I'm usually so tired, and just ready to have life move at a slower pace.  Today I ran errands like I do most every day.  I go to two post office boxes, and at least one bank just about every day, Monday through Saturday.  Today I went to three banks.  One was where we have our deposits, one we have our farm account at and they give free certified checks, and one to cash a large rent check.  That rent check does not always clear, so I go to that bank at least once a month to try to cash the check. 

I went to our Kroger.  While there, they marked the clear storage boxes down.  The shoebox size was $1 and the sweater boxes was $2.  I got ten of the shoebox size.  I thought I could use them for food storage, for small packages of food.  I would like to make some of those Christmas boxes for charity, too.  I also had to stop to buy car oil. 

I went to the trailer park to see if one of our tenants had moved out.  We are pending a "sheriff put out" (eviction), the man I work with is pending two, and another investor I know of is pending one.  I don't think I remember a time when I knew that many evictions.  Kinda makes me nervous.  But otherwise, things in the rental business are good.  At least for us.  We have nothing empty.  The only things we have available are two undeveloped half acre lots.  And we will have this home when the eviction occurs.  Maybe she will beat the sheriff and be gone by Monday!

This weekend I have a lot of catching up to do!  I have about 10 loads of laundry.  I have to can some Lima beans, pear sauce, and corn.  And I have to catch up on my Bible in 90 Days!  Oh, yeah.  Pappy wants me to walk down and check the cantaloupe patch and see if they are ready to be picked yet.  Pappy worked on fencing and seeding pastures today. 

Well, that is about it today.  I hope you all will come back tomorrow.  Thanks for stopping by!  Honey

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