Sunday, April 15, 2012

Giving Up GrandBoy's Paci

Why would we have a John Deere peddle tractor on the roof of our "General Store"?  It is a bribe.  We are trying to get 3 1/2 year old GrandBoy to give up his paci.  He is very brave, until about ten o'clock at night!  Then he has to have it.  When we gets rid of his paci for good, we will get the tractor down for his enjoyment.  Until then, he sits and gazes at it, and makes plans.  "Honey, did you see the hook on the back?  I can pull my wagon", he said.  We started this offer at Christmas time, but this week when we went in the Co-op, Pappy notice the tractors were on sale.  I asked how many they had, and they were down. to one.  So we felt like we need to buy it.  But I said no way was he using it before he gave up the paci.  When I got home Pappy had parked in on the roof!  I hope this is successful soon!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Visitors to the Farm

Today we had a family stop by to look at our rabbit house and see how we do our cages, etc.  They are interested in setting up some rabbits on their own place.  They recently moved to the community.  They got some chickens a few weeks ago, and rabbits will be next!  We visited a while and they looked around.  They plan to return in a few weeks and get some rabbits when they have some cages set up.  The father also said he might come back and follow my husband around for the day and see how and what he does.  That was kind of neat.  They asked if we eat our rabbits, how we cook them, and what other details we could share. 

Last week when someone was here buying rabbits they asked GrandBoy if we eat the rabbits.  He, being three, said, "No we don't eat them!"  And I said over his head, "Yeah, we do!"

Monday, April 9, 2012

Life on the Farm - Spring

We have been pretty busy here lately.  We got back from our trip, and went right in to getting ready for Easter.  We sold at least a dozen rabbits during the Easter week.  People are still calling for them , so we will continue to sell as long as they want them.

We went to a couple of flea markets last weekend.  This weekend I have to work on our taxes! 

We really enjoyed the Easter weekend.  We have family and friends in and out all weekend.  Friday I had an engagement party for my sister and her fiance.  Then Sunday we had dinner and an egg hunt after church, and later went fishing.  The GrandBoy caught a fish and was very happy. 

We are getting about a half dozen eggs a day now.  That is nice.  Pretty soon I will start freezing them.

Well, I will talk to you again soon.  Hope your Easter holiday was blessed!  Honey

Monday, April 2, 2012

Morning friends!  We've been out of town lately, visiting family.  I'm always so glad to be back home!   We've had some additions to the farm in the last few weeks, and I thought I'd update you there.  About two weeks ago, Pappy bought me two jersey cows!  They were very thin, and needed to be fattened up.  So we are working on that, and they look a great deal better all ready.  Pappy got an unbelievable deal on them, and so after they breed and have calves, we will be able to milk them.  At that point, I will have to work out some way to have help with them.  But I'm sure I will enjoy having our own source of milk.

Another addition is in the way of baby chicks.  Tractor Supply had chicks for sale, and we got some so GrandBoy could see them grow.  I think the minimum purchase was 6, so that is what we got.  A week later, Pappy and GrandBoy were at another farm supply store.  GrandBoy saw more baby chicks, and threw a fit so he could bring Honey some more chicks!

This weekend we took some friends to the flea market.  They had never been, and it was our first trip of the year.  We were looking for peacocks, guineas, and pigeons.  We didn't find anything that day.  The next morning, Pappy ran to another flea market, and was able to find some pigeons and a pair of turkeys.  So we were excited. 

I think that is all the new additions for now.  I'll try to have photos this week.  Thanks for stopping by!  Honey