Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Visitors to the Farm

Today we had a family stop by to look at our rabbit house and see how we do our cages, etc.  They are interested in setting up some rabbits on their own place.  They recently moved to the community.  They got some chickens a few weeks ago, and rabbits will be next!  We visited a while and they looked around.  They plan to return in a few weeks and get some rabbits when they have some cages set up.  The father also said he might come back and follow my husband around for the day and see how and what he does.  That was kind of neat.  They asked if we eat our rabbits, how we cook them, and what other details we could share. 

Last week when someone was here buying rabbits they asked GrandBoy if we eat the rabbits.  He, being three, said, "No we don't eat them!"  And I said over his head, "Yeah, we do!"

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