Sunday, April 15, 2012

Giving Up GrandBoy's Paci

Why would we have a John Deere peddle tractor on the roof of our "General Store"?  It is a bribe.  We are trying to get 3 1/2 year old GrandBoy to give up his paci.  He is very brave, until about ten o'clock at night!  Then he has to have it.  When we gets rid of his paci for good, we will get the tractor down for his enjoyment.  Until then, he sits and gazes at it, and makes plans.  "Honey, did you see the hook on the back?  I can pull my wagon", he said.  We started this offer at Christmas time, but this week when we went in the Co-op, Pappy notice the tractors were on sale.  I asked how many they had, and they were down. to one.  So we felt like we need to buy it.  But I said no way was he using it before he gave up the paci.  When I got home Pappy had parked in on the roof!  I hope this is successful soon!

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