Sunday, September 29, 2013

31 Days of A Farm Family's Life starts Tuesday Oct 1st!

31 Days of A Farm Family's Life
Many of you may remember that during the month of October many bloggers link up to The Nester's blog for "31 Days of ....".  This will be my third year, I believe.  I am using this event as an excuse to start writing again.

The year of 2013 has not been what we expected.  Many family events have distracted us from the life we usually lead and share here.  Hopefully, by the first of the year, we will be back where we need to be, and on track to the quiet, busy life we enjoy.

So, I hope you check back with me Tuesday, and each day during the month of October.  This year I plan to write about what we do each day to sustain our life on this farm.  A Diary, of sorts.  We live a very natural, simple type of life.  We are very "do it yourself" kind of people.   I look forward to sharing each day with you.

I'm looking forward to getting started!  Hope you'll stick with me, and forgive me for being gone so long!

UPDATE:  Each day with be posted separately. Please scroll down to the appropriate day.


DAY 1:  Pappy moved hay, daughter made jelly, I chopped peppers for freezer, picked the garden, and fed the chickens.

DAY 2:  Goats get out, goats get out, goats get out, goats get out.  Yes, four times, at two different pastures!  Lost $200 roll of field fence, Jelly making.  Hay cutter quits.