Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Open Heart Open Home, Chapters 17 and 18

Welcome!  I'm so glad you stopped by!  Today I am linking up to The Common Room where The Head Mistress is sharing the book "Open Heart Open Home", by Karen Mains.  We are reading chapters 17 and 18 this week. 

Chapter 17 is entitled "Creativity and Simplicity".  One thing that stood out to me in this chapter was a passage that stated, "Once God's kingdom has become our priority, we will not always need to ask "What shall we eat, or drink, or put on?"  He will provide.  Our hospitality can't help but reflect this."  I think this is so true, and I really want to work on this attitude.  I do tend to plan every detail of an event, instead of doing the inviting and sharing, and giving God the opportunity to provide.  I'm going to make a conscious effort to let God be in charge of our hospitality. 

In another paragraph Karen talks of God always honoring us when we step out in faith in front of him.  He will provide for us when we give him the opportunity instead of trying to take care of everything ourselves.  If we give God the opportunity and pray about it, God will provide us what we need every time.  Recently I was wishing for a couch.  I had used the one we had for many years.  It had been my Mother's "good" couch during the time I was growing up.  I had covered it with fabric and throws, but I was really wishing for a new one. I didn't want to pay for a new one, though.  I'd look at the thrift store on half price day, but I never found one that we could use.  Then one day I was at a thrift store in Tennessee that I don't go to often.  There, just as I went in the door, was a suede leather couch for $450.  Pretty good price, but not what I wanted to pay.  Then I noticed a second piece, a matching love seat.  Two pieces for $450.  Pretty good price, but still not what I wanted to pay.  When I was exiting the store, I saw the sign.  "4 piece living room set.  Only sat on about three times.  $450".  There was also a chair and over-sized foot stool.  Four pieces for $450.  That sounded really good.  More than I wanted to spend, but for brand new furniture!  The owner of the store had bought it for his house, put it in a room upstairs for his kids to use, and they never used it.  So he and his wife decided to sell it.  The furniture was only three months old!  I took pictures on my cell phone, and decided to talk to my husband.  If it was meant for us, it would happen.  My husband was all for the new furniture, on the condition that I agreed to get rid of what we were replacing.  No Problem!  We had some insurance money from the tornado, to replace some furniture.  So I called the store the next day.  Someone else was suppose to pay that morning.  I told the store owner that if it didn't work out to let me know, and we would take it.  So the people did not show up with their money.  The owner let me know, and Pappy and I went and paid for the furniture.  So I know first hand, God will provide in His time! 

Chapter 18 is entitled "At Ease".  This is a very short chapter and basically is about making your guests feel at ease.  This is something we should all remember.  One other thing I wanted to mention.  While cleaning out a thrift store that is going out of business, this week, I found a little book that I thought went along with this topic.  The book is titled, "The Pleasure of Your Company - Simple Ideas for Enjoyable Entertaining" by Ann Platz and Susan Wales.  This book has beautiful illustrations, and has ideas for different entertaining situations, along with menus.  Ideas like Grandmother Baby Shower, Harvest Supper, Get Well and Feel Better Dinner, and a Singles Valentine Party.  Cute ideas that I would like to try one day, and the food looks delicious.

I have really enjoyed linking up for this book discussion.  I want to thank The Head Mistress for this opportunity! I hope you have enjoyed it too!  Honey

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