Saturday, August 6, 2011

Saturday Happenings. Church Rummage sales, etc.

Hi!  We've been busy here today.  I'm sure every one's weekends are like this.  It is tax-free weekend here, to get ready for school starting.  Any item that can be used for school or college, is suppose to be tax free.  So I had to buy computer ink and a few other supplies like that.  I met Daughter #1, her male friend, and the Grandboy at the Methodist Church for the yearly indoor rummage sale.  It is our favorite yard sale of the year, and we always try to attend.  Some years my sister has come, too.  The last hour is $1 a bag.  As much as you can put in a grocery bag is $1.00.  People pack a lot into those bags!  Even Grandboy had a bag and was putting items in for his Aunt YaYa to pay for.  That is what he calls Daughter #1.  He found some sand toys, a train set, a mirror, and I don't know what else.  He had fun.  As did we all.

Then we went to a thrift shop that is owned by the company I work for.  It has gone out of business.  I had permission to go by and see if there were any items I'd like to purchase before everything is sold.  So we went to do that while out. 

Pappy is still working with hay.  Picking it up out of the fields, moving it to the different pastures, moving around the tractors, etc.  Lots of details in maintaining cattle.  Grandboy loves to do hay.  If we drive down the road and see hay rolls in a field, he says "we have to tell Papa to get that hay".  I believe he thinks hay is like hunting Easter eggs!  So cute.

We had pizza for dinner, and I silked and cleaned the corn Pappy had husked from our garden.  I put it in the crock pot overnight.  We will probably eat some for dinner tomorrow after church and freeze the rest.  Grandboy is suppose to go home tomorrow.  We'll see.

Tomorrow I have to check the beans in the garden to see if they are ready to pick.  Then I need to pick up some rent. 

Thanks for stopping by!  Honey 

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