Sunday, July 31, 2011

Media and My Home Making

Today I am linking to Women Living Well and her article series entitled Media Monday.  Today's topic is Media and My Home Making.  Times have changed over the years.  Today women have so much more time to do things other than the cooking and cleaning it took our grandmothers all week to do.  But in these times that are saturated with media and technology, we often feel we don't have enough time!  Where does all the time we save with new inventions go? 

Some people may not make good use of their time.  They may spend to much of their days and nights involved in social media and blogging on the Internet, email, etc.  Maybe they like video games.  But there are many useful activities involving the Internet and technology that can save time and give you more time in your day if used wisely.

One item that comes to mind is price comparison.  We can all look at the sales papers on line to make our grocery lists and see who has bread the cheapest this week.  There are also blogs set up that even email the best deals of the week to your computer.  This beats going store to store or calling to check prices as my mother did in the past.  If I want, I can even order and have the groceries and other items delivered to my door.  Gas prices can be checked this way as well.  There are Internet sites that list the cheapest place to buy gas in your town.  That is one I need to start using!

News papers and magazines can be read on line, saving money and time.  Baby pictures can be viewed on your hospital's website.  If you are a parent, and are worried about your late teen or adult child who is not answering their cell phone at 2:00 am, in my town you can check the jail roll to see if by chance they were arrested (Heaven forbid!). 

As far as Home Making goes, menus can be planned on line, shopping lists printed out, and recipes searched out in short time.  E Books telling the quickest way to clean your home are available for your encouragement.  I can even sign up for emails to remind my to polish my sink!

One of my favorite home making tasks to do on line would be to plan vacations and Christmas shopping.  Both can be done with little or no effort.  Trips can be map-quested, cars or reservations made, restaurants picked, without leaving your desk chair.  Christmas gifts can be ordered without leaving your home.  Avoid the black Friday crowd and enjoy time with your family!

I get a lot of prayer requests on line in my email each day.  These come from several different groups or individuals.  If prayer is needed, it is so much easier today to reach many for prayer.  I think this is one of the best things the Internet can be used for.  I think that if the Proverbs woman were alive today, she would definitely use Internet prayer requests.

I will be the first to admit that I have to be careful not to get caught up in what the media has to offer, and lose track of time.  But there are many ways, if we are smart, that we can save time, and make more time for our families. 

Thanks for stopping by.  Honey

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