Thursday, July 28, 2011

Frumpy to Fabulous

At The Modest Mom, this week she has been writing daily about "Frumpy to Fabulous".  Going from frumpy to fabulous for our husbands.  One thing I did this week was color my hair.  I am 47 years old.  I have very dark, long hair.  My husband has been wishing for the last year or two that I would start coloring my hair to hide the "gray".  Women would tell me they loved my hair, that the gray was only in front, like highlights.  But to Pappy, it was a reminder that we are getting older, I guess.  So I colored my hair last weekend.

I liked how it turned out.  The color was not noticeably different from my own color.  It went really well, and I'll definitely do it again.

I have, this year, gone completely to wearing skirts or dresses.  So I have made a big effort to try to look nice and put together for my husband.  I was afraid he would not like this change, but he has not complained a bit.  As a matter of fact, he has told me several times how nice I look.  Maybe soon I will share pictures.  But today is not a good day for that. The picture below is from Easter Sunday.  Grandboy was so happy to have a photo with his Honey.  I have on my purple gingham apron and a white skirt.  Grandboy has my skirt bunched up, so you'll have to overlook that! 

Thanks, Modest Mom, for encouraging us to take a closer look at our outer appearance, the one we put on for our husbands. 

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