Monday, July 11, 2011

Media Monday: Media and Our Walk with God

I am following a new series at Women Living Well called Media Monday. This series is about how the social media and Internet type activities in general affect our lives today. The age we live in has appliances and apps to perform just about any duty or action we need. We can hire people to do what ever we want. Accountants, lawn services, house keepers, you name it. But still we are rushed. We live in one of the most stressful times ever. With all the time saving devices we have today, we have trouble fitting in the things in our lives that are most important. Quality time with our children, alone time with our husbands, worship time with our Lord. The easier our life is supposed to be, the harder it seems it is to make time for the important things.

With progress, comes distraction. Computers allow us to talk to friends and relatives far away in a second, but we forget to spend time with the people in the same room with us. We can schedule a trip on line, but we forget to spend real time in The Word.

The Internet has really opened my eyes spiritually. I never knew that Christianity could look so different, and have so many different beliefs until I started spending time with others in blogland. I have an access to meet like-minded women who share my beliefs and feel the same way I do about important things. That is hard to do in real life sometimes. The Internet makes comparing several versions of scripture so much easier than it would have been just a few years ago. But sometimes we get distracted too easily by what our friends posted they are having for dinner, or by playing the latest video game.

Phones buzz and ring anywhere and everywhere, even church! I feel drawn to check my texts in church, because I have young adult children, and I think "what if they are hurt and need me?" But for eons of time, people have been able to sit through an hour service without being in touch with the outside world. I need to work on this distraction in my own life.

My husband and I make a conscious effort to limit our time on the Internet. My husband would laugh at that statement, because he never gets on the Internet. But we have boundaries to protect our family and our marriage from the distractions found in this world bombarded with media and the like. I think we all need to be extra careful to "Seek first the kingdom of God" and the put our families next. I plan to think about this over the next coming weeks. Maybe you will decide to, too.


  1. I see a lot of people playing with their phones in church!

    I often think that, although I use and love social networking, we spend a lot of time posting all of the good stuff and then feel even more alone with the bad stuff--like I am the only one that had a bad day or whose boss doesn't appreciate me or wahtever. Obviously we are not going to post that on facebook or whatever, but when we read how great everyone else is--it's hard to keep it in perspective.

    I am stopping by from Blog Frog - the follow each other post - I am following you now. Will you follow me back?

  2. I will be glad to follow you! I understand exactly how you feel. I was reading an article recently, and it stated that with facebook and myspace, even church friends are becoming more distant. They will "leave a message on your wall" but can't take a minute to call you or send a note if you have a need for fellowship. That is so true! Sometime newer is not better. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Very cool blog! I love this post too! My Dad is a pastor, and I found it hilarious a few weeks ago when his phone started buzzing in his pocket in the middle of his sermon. My MOM was texting him to tell him to shut up he had gotten too long winded!

    It's a sad thing to see how hard it is for us to simply put a phone down for an hour or two a week to worship.

    Following from Blog Frog!

  4. Hi Katie,

    Thanks so much for stopping by! I bet that was commical when your Dad started buzzing the pulpit! Does your Mom always do that? You are so right. We all need to show some self control, and ask ourselves if our worship is pleasing to God. That is what is important! Stop back by! Honey