Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday Happenings on the Farm

Hi! Welcome to our home.  We are so glad you stopped by.  Saturdays are always busy here on the Farm.  Friday night, Pappy's niece and great niece stopped in for a visit on their was to Texas.  We had a nice visit, and the Great Niece was so taken with Mikey the kitten and the baby rabbits.  Her Mom said she talked about the animals all evening! 

Other visitors were some children from church.  A brother and sister group came to spend the night.  We had a "staycation".  I think they had a nice time.  They roamed the farm, looking at all the animals.  The Boy kept catching ducks!  They helped fix dinner, and watched TV.  This morning after breakfast, daughter #1 and I took them to the thrift store for half price day.  They enjoyed the bargain hunt!  After the shopping, daughter #1 took the kids out for lunch.  When they returned home, daughter #1 highlighted the girl's hair.  She got permission from their Dad first.  The girl was so happy with the results.  While the girl was getting her hair done, the boy was picking up peacock feathers.  He then proceeded to decorate Grandboy's tractor.  I've never seen such a festive tractor.  Have you?  Then they had a snack and went home.  We had a nice visit, and I hope they enjoyed it as well as we did.

Pappy is putting up the last of the goat milk to make cheese.  The goats are drying up early this year.  I guess it may be the heat.  I've been experimenting with freezing eggs for the winter.  In the winter our hens don't lay, but during the summer we have plenty.  So I hope to be able to get through the winter without having to buy eggs.

Stop back by tomorrow.  We look forward to seeing you then.  Honey


  1. It was good to see you guys! Alyssa had so much fun! She told Jamey the minute we got home about the rabbits and the kitten. I hadn't talked to him after I left your place and he was so funny because he couldn't figure out where on earth she had held a rabbit!! He's super excited about trying the blackberry wine Scott gave us!

  2. Well I hope he enjoyes it! So glad you stopped by! I can't believe you are on the computer 12 hours after getting home. Shouldn't you be resting or something? Have a good visit with your inlaws before the leave to come back.