Thursday, July 28, 2011

Our Pear Harvest

Pears.  I just love pears.  I never actually ate a fresh pear till I was in high school.  But I remember loving them.  In the yard of the house we used to live in, that we still rent out, there is a huge pear tree.  It has the best pears.  Some years there are lots, and some years not so many.  But each year we pick them, and "put them up" to eat the rest of  the year.  I can pears, make pear preserves, and have even tried some pear sauce. 

So Pappy has been keeping an eye on the pears for me.  We used to pick them in September, but it seems like the last few years, it is closer to August when we pick them.  Pappy brought me a small berry bucket of pears last week so I could see how they were coming along.  He said they would be ready this week.  Today Pappy went by the rent house to pick pears.  You should understand that we only rent the house out at that location, the pasture and rest of the yard are fenced, and do not belong to the tenant for use.  So Pappy went today prepared to pick pears.  But they were all gone.  Every last one of them.  So this is all the pear harvest this year. 

We are sad about the loss of our pears.  Even the years that the pears have bugs or are not real big, we pick them and give them to the goats and cows.  We always pick the pears.  But this year someone beat us there. 

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