Sunday, July 24, 2011

Open Heart Open Home - Chapters 7 and 8

I'm sorry I am so late getting caught up on my reading.  Just been a busy week in my family, I guess.  In Karen Mains book Open Heart Open Home, Chapter 7 is entitled Tell Tale Marks.  I believe this chapter is mainly about being hospitable to those in our family, our children's friends, etc.  Although I believe we should treat our family as well as we do guests, I don't really consider this hospitality.  I also agree with her that sometimes we overlook opportunities to be hospitable to those we see often.  Such as neighborhood children.  When my girls were little, say 5 and 6, we carried an older neighborhood girl to church with us for a long time.  She was probably about 10.  I remember one Sunday she wouldn't behave in church.  I turned to her and whispered harshly, "do you want to go outside?"  Mind you, this in not my child, but someone else's.  I don't know what I thought I was going to do to her in the parking lot, but she was horrified.  She said "NO, NO!".  I was so embarrassed that I forgot who she was, and who I was more importantly.  But she settled down and everything was fine.  I guess I didn't treat her much like a guest.  But what she really wanted was to be treated like a member of our family.  So maybe it all worked out OK. 

Chapter 8 is entitled Welcome.  In this chapter it is discussed that life doesn't wait to start until you get married.  This is a good lesson.   We have opportunities to show hospitality at all stages in life.  I know where I used to go to church for many years, an elderly couple would have a fish fry each fall for the "widow women".  I thought it kind of odd at first, since they were still married.  But now I see what an honor and treat this was for all involved.  We should all look for opportunities that may easily be overlooked by the majorities.

Now I am caught up and ready to move on this week to chapters 9 and 10.  See you soon.


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