Friday, July 29, 2011

Declutter of the Master Bedroom, Take 1

Before:  My room is the drop off point for all items unclaimed, broken, misplaced, etc.  If someone doesn't want it or need it, it ends up in front of my closet.  If we are having company, the "quick pick up" items are thrown in there too.

I had planned to clean out our master bedroom in January.  Well, I just got a minute to breath, looked at the calendar, and it is July!  I guess I'm a little late with this goal. 

So, last week end, I got up on Saturday, and decided "today is the day"  I planned to work about an hour, then come back another day.  But things really came together, and I made a lot of progress.  I worked about three hours, and cleared out the following:  3 bags of trash, two empty boxes, 20 pairs of shoes, two bags of donations, and some large baby items to go to the consignment sale. 

My Grandboy came in my room Sunday, looked around for his Papa, and said, "Look Honey, you cleaned up your mess!"  So sweet that he noticed!  Everyone else thought it was hilarious!  Here is the after shot.

I know I'm not completely there yet, but you can see a lot of progress was made.  Grandboy appreciates me and my hard work.  But I think he was really excited because now he can get to my shoes to try on the high heels!

Maybe by Christmas, my room will look like a magazine photo, and my husband and I will enjoy being able to spend more time in here.  At least we don't have to tiptoe around in the dark, hoping we don't step on something.  We are possibly having company this week, so now the push is on!  I'll keep you posted.  Thanks for stopping by!  Honey

I linked my post to A Slob Comes Clean


  1. Great job! There are parts of my master bedroom that look exactly like that before picture. I LOVE it so much when it's better, but it's the hardest room in the house to keep under control.

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Nony! I know what you mean. My daughter cleaned up some for me today, and when I got home, there was a hamper, a large framed art piece, and a plastic three drawer cabinet in my "empty" space. Oh, well. I'll deal with that tomorrow! Aren't those famous last words?

  3. Oh that totally looks like my bedroom most of the time. We finally had enough and rearranged things and it's been kept mostly clean for about a month now, but I can see it slowly starting to get back to that. I'll get it back to the way it's supposed to be soon. I prefer it nice and clean and feeling like an oasis. Congrats on retaking yours too!

  4. Well down for taking your bedroom to task - it's one of my big struggle rooms too. Three hours too - you we're a busy bee!

  5. Thanks Patty and Yours hopefully thriving! Encouragement always helps. And know "I'm not alone" works wonders. We can do it!

  6. I'm over from Nony's linkup :).

    Look at the difference you made - that's awesome, and in a space you use every day (I love that, it's the gift you keep giving yourself every single time you don't need to levitate to get to the back of something)

  7. Stopped by from Nony's linkup - awesome job! I actually have a corner in my bedroom that looks a litle like that right now, I like to call it purging interruptus. I started going through things, then got interrupted and then never finished! Maybe this weekend :)

  8. Liz and Wenchie - Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing encouragement! I'm going to continue working on my room. Hope to see you again soon!