Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Our Pigeons Come Home to Roost

When we first moved to the farm, my husband LOVED it.  Each day I would go to work, and when I got home, my husband would have a new farm animal to show me.  The very first thing we got was ducks.  My husband told me to buy a pair of ducks.  Well, someone at church had a pair they said I could pick up.  So I went to get them.  These ducks were called Muscoveys.  They are large ducks, very friendly, and quiet.  I brought them home, and my husband said they were the ugliest ducks he'd ever seen!  They were large and black.  Not your typical fairy tale duck.  They have read warts on their beaks.  Any way, that was a funny story that we remember still.  From then on, he picked out his own animals. 

Now he is experimenting with pigeons.  We go to lots of trade days, or flea markets.  The last one we went to, we got baby ducks, a turkey I think, some silkies, and two sets of pigeons.  My husband put each pair in a separate cage in different areas of the yard.  He feeds them each day and speaks to them.  He did this about a month.  This week he let one set go.  At dark, they came back to their little cage!  Each morning he lets the pigeons out.  They fly around the yard, darting up and down happily.  Most of the day, they roost in a pine tree in our yard.  At dark they fly into their cage and roost for the night.  Now we are waiting for them to start sitting their eggs so we can have baby pigeons.

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