Thursday, July 14, 2011

HOT! Hanging Out the Laundry and Cooking Outside

                                             (One of our two clothes lines here on the farm)

Good Morning friends,

Welcome back to the farm.  We are so glad you stopped by, and look forward to spending some time with you!  Yesterday it was so HOT here!  It was 92 degrees with 100% humidity.  The heat index was around 105.  I was melting most of the afternoon!  That's why the first thing I do each afternoon when I come in is to make a gallon of sweet tea.  You know how southerners are about their tea!  Also, to keep the house from being so hot, I hung out the Grandboy's clothes on one of our clothesline, which I usually do; and cooked dinner outside.  This I do occasionally, but not everyday.  If it stays this hot, I will start! 

Yesterday was the most unusual day.  I got a text from Daughter #3 at 5:30 that morning saying the Grandboy needed to go to daycare.  Usually when he is here he stays all day.  What almost-three-year-old boy wouldn't want to be on a farm?  But yesterday she decided she wanted him to go to daycare.  Pappy wasn't feeling well, so I didn't argue.  I had to get Grandboy some clothes out, pack his "pack pack" as he calls it, and fix his snack.  I asked Daughter #2 to take him to daycare, since she didn't have to be in class till 10:00.  She agreed, because Grandboy was asleep when she got home and she wanted to spend time with him.  I was running about 10 minutes late, so I called my boss and said I would be a few minutes late.  I was about 10 miles from home, almost at the interstate, when Daughter #1 called.  She had a fender bender, and was upset.  So I called the office, checked in again, and turned around to see about Daughter #1.  Then Daughter #3 called to say her teeth hurt and she needed to see the dentist.  I wondered if the day would ever end?  I got to work about an hour late, but all was well at home. 

I left work early to go the the FEMA event I mentioned yesterday.  I thought it was a lecture, but it was a "stop in and chat" kind of thing.  So I missed a little more work (when I really could have waited till I got off), only stayed at FEMA about 20 minutes, then was on my way home to check on the family again.  Not my run-of-the-mill day.

When I cooked dinner, I set up a single electric eye on the carport.  I got everything ready and started a pot of potato soup out there.  The soup was made of potatoes, onion, water, milk, butter, and velveta.  It turned out really good, and the kitchen didn't turn into a steam bath!  Pappy thought this soup would taste good to him since he was under the weather.  We also had cornbread (from scratch, my suggestion) and dumplings (his request, again).  This weekend I'm going to poke around the farm, and find a fan for the kitchen.  Hopefully I won't have to steal it from the rabbit house.  Pappy wouldn't like that because the male rabbits won't breed if they are too hot! 

It was raining and thundering outside last night.  Maybe it will be cooler today.  Stop back by when you're in the neighborhood!  Honey

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