Tuesday, July 19, 2011

BIble in 90 Days - Check-in 2

This Bible in 90 Days session is going great!  This is the third time I've participated in B90 Days, and the second year I have mentored.  I am amazed at the comradery and excitement of this group of participants.  Everyone jumping in, giving advise and encouragement to each other.  It is a great environment and is encouraging to say the least.  There have been times in years past when I felt like a misfit.  When I felt close or noticed by only a few.  But this year is special.  I feel that there is a plan set in place by God, and we are all here to be a part of it, and see what great things are ahead.  I hope you are seeing this too, and feeling the same thing. 

More importantly, its not how close we become, but how close to God we end up!  God does want us to have Christ-like friends for encouragement and companionship.  Give this group of readers a chance.  You'll be surprised at what you may find.  But most important, just keep reading. 

If there is anyway I can help you, if you need prayer, encouragement, or advice.  Please let me know.  I'm a great prayer partner.  I talk to God so often He knows my voice!  Have a great week and keep reading. 

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