Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday: Library Book Sale, Rain, and Errands

Today is Saturday, and it was pretty quiet around here.  Daughter #1 went to the rental trailer we purchased, and was laying tile on the floors.  It was her off day from the retail store she works at while going to college.  Daughter #2 was studying for her college finals next week with a study group.  Daughter #3 came over to help her Dad with some chores here at the farm.  The also went to the rental trailer to move some furniture.  We brought home two long credenzas, a wooden three shelf storage unit for our bathroom, and a glass hutch.  Still to come is an antique chest of drawers.  The previous owner went into a nursing home, and we bought the trailer "as is", previous owner's belongings, and all.

Grandboy is at the beach.  He called, but I wasn't home, so he spoke to Pappy.  He went to a dolphin show and told Pappy all about it.  He will be home Monday I think.  We miss him.

Our library has a book sale twice a year.  It is one of my favorite things to do.  There are thousands of books on tables, and you walk around the room in a line, one person behind the other.  You have to bring shopping bags to put your treasures in while you look.  All the books are a quarter!  The last sale I went to, I bought $25 worth of books.  When I got home, Pappy said, "Do you know that is 100 books?  What are you going to do with 100 books?"  I said, "I don't know.  I think I'll read them.  Maybe put them under the bed?"  We have books in every room in our house.  EVERY room.  Two years ago, when we finished homeschooling, I decided to list a lot of them on paperback swap.  That went well, I thought at first.  I had over 1,000 books listed.  And that was not including the ones I intended to keep.  I would mail out about 30 books a week.  But then I had all these credits, and I needed to pick more books, and it really didn't help much.  So I quit.  But I need to cull a few, and find a means to re-home them.  Today I only spent $5 at the library sale.  It probably helped that I waited till after lunch.  I missed the crowds and most of the books, I'm sure.

Today, while I was out running errands, it began to rain.  We need rain, so that was a blessing.  It helped cool things off a little bit too. 

Tomorrow our ad starts in the paper for the rental.  Pappy and the girls have been hard at work on it for a few weeks.  I hope the home  goes fast.  They usually aren't empty long.  But school starts here in two weeks, and that would really be a blessing for some one to take it the first weekend it is ready.  After school starts, I'm afraid the rental market is going to die down a little bit. 

Well, that about covers the excitement here today.  Hope your day was relaxing and Blessed!  Honey

This is the first view of our home as you come down our half mile long driveway.  Pappy is building a greenhouse.  You can see one of our clotheslines on the right.  The deck on the front of the house faces a 2 acre pond and a pasture.

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