Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Open Heart Open Home - Chapters 5 and 6

Welcome to our home! I'm so glad you could come, and I hope you are able to stay and visit with us awhile! Today I am going to talk to you about the book Open Heart Open Home by Karen Mains. This book is being discussed over at The Common Room. You may want to stop by and check out what everyone has to say.

Chapter 5 is about being a Servant. What stood out to me in this chapter is the story that tells of a Ladies group working on a big project. One of the members was in need. She stated to the group she was in need. And not one lady helped her. Sometimes it is easy to do good deeds for those we don't know. It is harder if it is a person standing beside us, someone we know. Some people want to think the receiving person will be embarrassed if we reach out. But I think really, the giver may be embarrassed. They may be afraid of not doing enough, or just simply may not know what to do. But if this happens, we should pray that we respond as God would have us to. We should give what we have, and give it cheerfully.

Chapter 6 is called On Serving and Being Served. I remember when my children were little, we went to a small church and every Christmas season the church went caroling and then went to one of the Elder's home for hot chocolate and finger foods. My girls were probably 3, 4, and 4. Maybe younger. But I remember we got there, and the his wife had a beautiful spread in her dining room. She wanted everyone to be in the dining room together, on her White Carpet! I remember panicking. I asked her could I have some towels, and let my children and I eat in the kitchen. She was mortified. I tried to explain to her that the girls would make an awful mess on her white carpet. She kept telling me she didn't mind, she didn't think ahead about this. I knew she was very particular, and I just couldn't deal with it. My girls and I ate in the kitchen, sitting on the floor, and then joined everyone else. Looking back, maybe I didn't handle the situation correctly. I should have gone along with her plan, and prayed hard! Maybe I should have let her "serve us". But I was young, and so worried about what others thought of my gang of girls. Probably no one remembers this instance except me. I hope not any way.

But back to serving others. I have offered to help people in need before, and rarely do they accept my offer. About the only time I can think of someone accepting are for meals to be brought in. Also one other time a young husband in our church passed away suddenly. I called the mother and offered to keep their two daughters, about 5 and 8. The girls came, and stayed several days. It was a surprise, but they were no trouble at all. I felt at that time that I was really able to help the family in a difficult time.

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