Sunday, September 11, 2011


Today is Sunday.  GrandBoy spent the night last night so he could go to church this morning.  As you all know, today is September 11th, the ten year anniversary of 9-11.  That is all you see where ever you look on the TV and Internet.  I have seen things today that I never saw before.  That incidence changed our country, and I don't think it will ever be the same.

We went to church today.  After I went to look at a rental house in the town where we live.  It was nice, and would be very nice for Daughter #3 and GrandBoy, but she is not speaking to me, so I can't tell her about it.  Maybe I could send here a letter.

Pappy and I are looking at pasture land.  Some is about one road over from us.  There is also a 70 acre farm about an hour from here that is for rent.  We don't need pasture now, but we will in about a year.  So we will see how this all goes.

This will be a busy week.  I can already tell.  I went to look at the two empty rentals today. One is in good condition.  The other is not bad, just not cleaned up.  I have an appointment to show it to someone tomorrow who has seen it before.  I think he will take it.  I'll put the other one on Craig's List tomorrow night.

I have been reading the Bible a lot this weekend.  Trying to get caught up.  I will be caught up before we finish.  I do this every time.

Pappy has been busy this weekend bush hogging.  Tomorrow he will try to get some cows together to take to the sale on Tuesday. 

Well, I guess that is about it for here.  Oh, yeah.  Pappy wants me to order some wildlife cameras so we can try to catch our varmints. Hope to see you back tomorrow.  Honey

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