Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sister Got Good News!

Today I am giving thanks.  My sister received a call from her doctor today, and her biopsy came back cancer free!  Praise God.  God is so good all the time, but especially when He answers our prayers.  Thanks to all of you who prayed, too. 

Pappy and GrandBoy went back to the cow sale today.  They bought 4 cows.  Pappy thinks beef is a safer place to put our money than the stock market.  So far so good!  Besides our 50 herd cows, we have about 9 investment cows.  These are cows we will sell in a few months, not hold for breeding stock.

GrandBoy is having a story book character party at daycare tomorrow.  He didn't have a costume to wear, so I sent one.  I also sent diaper wipes for his cubby, but that is another story.  I sent his spider man pajama top, which has netting under his arms, so it looks like he can fly.  I sent sweat pants to match.  The directive stated that boys could be super hero characters.  He is not yet three.  My daughter called and said the costume won't work because if he moves his arms his stomach shows so it didn't fit.  I told her to put an undershirt on him.  He is three.  This is an unscheduled costume party in September, at daycare.  What difference does it make?  I'm just not that kind of mom.  Or that kind of Honey, either, I guess.  I just think if you save your money for the important things that are necessary, the money needs will take care of themselves.  Later she talked about Halloween costumes and how they were $20 at the Big box store.  I told her his last years' one will still fit so he should be a cowboy.  She said he wants to be a "cars" character, and the consignment shop has them for $10.  I said she should still save her $10 and let him be a cowboy.  I don't think those conversations went the way she wanted them to. 

Today in 21 Days of Prayer for your Son, it is day 10.  Today we pray for Love.  I always prayed about this for my girls. 

Today was the first day of Maximize your Mornings.  I am leading an email group (#76) and am also in a twitter group (#2).  I'm really excited about this group.  I didn't realize this morning that I was in the twitter group, but I am pleased because I was missing it.

Well, it is getting late here, and I still have a lot to do.  So glad tomorrow is Friday and the start of the weekend.  Hope your Friday is blessed!  Honey

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  1. I'm not that kind of mom either! At 3 it's still socially acceptable for their tummies to show. About 6 months ago Jamey took her to Home Depot in a snow white dress with a apron and a skull cap and tap shoes. She thought she was stylin'! Alyssa wants to be a princess for Halloween this year. I think we are going to pull out one of her nicer dresses and I'm going to make her a princess hat out of scrap fabric I have in my fabric trunk and call it a day. Add a necklace and bracelet and boom princess! Last year she was a fairy. I made the skirt, threw a tank top on and we bought her wings and I threw a little green in her skirt to make it match a little tiara she already had. She looked pretty darn cute and it cost about $10.