Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Real Farm Life

GrandBoy washing dishes with Daughter #2.  So cute!

Today is Wednesday, and it was a busy day on the farm.  The day started out with me going to work.  Shortly after I got there, the tractor repair man called.  I gave him both Pappy's cell number and the farm office number.  I worked half day, and went to mail letters telling some people I was taking over management of the units they rent.  I called trailer movers to move one of our mobile homes that is empty.  We are moving it for Daughter #3 and GrandBoy to live in.  Pappy wanted to move it tomorrow, but the soonest we can get it done is Monday.  Pappy had a load of gravel delivered to the lot, and spent part of the day working on that project.

The local pumpkin patch, Tate Farms, bought 10 of our bunnies for their petting zoo.  I think this is about the fourth year they have used our rabbits.  We usually do 20, but a predator got several.  So they bought what we  had that was the right size.

I shelled a basket of October beans.  I think it is the last of them.  Pappy picked them for me.  I have two baskets of cayenne pepper to do something with.  I think I will "string" them with a needle and thread and hang them to dry.  They look pretty that way for fall.  Then in the winter, when they are dry and you are tired of looking at them, I take them down and put them in jars to use in cooking.

Our hens have pretty much stopped laying.  It seems early, but that is how it is.  We froze a bunch of eggs to try out this winter. 

When Pappy put our pork in the downstairs freezer, it was full!  He will go to pick up the lamb we had butchered next week.  So I need to find a place to put it.  I think it is time to clean out the big freezer of all the fruit waiting to be juiced.  Pappy wants to make wine, but I want to can grape juice.  I'm sure we will do both.

I hung out three baskets of clothes and washed two.  The laundry never ends, does it? 

I had a flat tire today.  GrandBoy discovered it.  I guess I ran over something.  So we had to drive a different car to church.

So now GrandBoy is here to spend the night.  He and Pappy have a big day planned for tomorrow!

I guess that is enough updates for today.  Night, all!  Honey 

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