Monday, September 26, 2011

Sorry I've Been Missing!

Well, its been almost a week since I've been here, and I don't know what to say.  I've been sick, and very busy.  I'll give you a little rundown on what's been going on around here. 

Wednesday GrandBoy turned three.  Pappy picked him up at daycare early that morning, and they traveled to Tennessee to the Processor.  We had to drop off some sheep for processing. Then they came home and GrandBoy opened presents on and off through out the day!  That night we had dinner and people dropped in  and ate with us.  One of the guests was my sister, Carla.  She stayed and went to church with us.  One of GrandBoy's favorite places is church!  So since his birthday was on Wednesday, church day, I made a small cake to take to church.  He was so excited and really enjoyed his church party!  After church, we went home and cut his real birthday cake that his Aunt YaYa made for him.  That is what he calls Daughter #1. Aunt YaYa made a John Deere Tractor cake for him.  What boy wouldn't love that?   I think GrandBoy had a wonderful birthday!

A mobile home lot came available  in the small town we live in.  I rented it immediately.  We are going to move a mobile home on the lot, and hopefully it will work out where Daughter #3 and GrandBoy will live there. 

Twice this last week, investors contacted me to manage their properties.  I met with one by conference call, and definitely will start managing her properties October 1.   I met the other two gentlemen Saturday, but I think they are just shopping around and not ready to make a change yet.  We will see.  This will really be a blessing for me.  I make less than half the amount I made two years ago, because of cut backs and the economy.  So it would be nice to make a little extra money again.

Saturday GrandBoy came back to spend the night.  We watched Alabama football and had two of our daughters' boyfriends over for the game and food!  We had a nice afternoon.  Made even better because Alabama beat Arkansas! 

Sunday we went to church.  We had a nice day.  GrandBoy's mom didn't let him stay his usual time, so that was a little upsetting to all. 

Today was drizzly.  I know so many areas need rain.  So it was cool and foggy.  I parked and walked up to the courthouse to pick up some papers I needed.  Then I had other errands to run.  I posted an eviction on a trailer where they hadn't paid their rent.  I texted another tenant who's file is going to the attorney tomorrow unless she pays.  I don't think she believes me.  When i got to our farm, there were several police officers here.  I forgot that today was the day that Pappy was taking a group of guys up to the processor to pick up pork.  We took orders a few weeks ago for hogs, and today was the day to pick up the processed meet.  I had a twitter party for Bible in 90 Days tonight.  I was a co-host.  Today was also the last day of 21 Days of Praying for your Son.  Today I had a training call at 1:00 for Blessings Direct.  I forgot till 1:40, but that's OK, cause the call is recorded and I can listen to it tomorrow when there is less going on.

So that is about all the catching up around here.  I am currently behind in my Bible in 90 Days reading.  I got to the New Testament last night!  But I'm sure the reading will go faster since I got to the Gospels! 

Pray for my Daughter #2.  She is looking for a better job.  One that will support her while she chases her dreams of getting started in the legal field.  She is getting a little discouraged, but I know that "God's time" isn't always the same as "our time"! 

I will let you go now.  Hope to see you tomorrow!  Honey

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