Thursday, September 1, 2011

Staycation Begins!

Well, Our Staycation has begun!  It was delayed a little, but none the less, we made it!  GrandBoy came last night, in time to go to church.  He will be here until Tuesday, except for Friday night.  He will go home to his Mom's, and have his picture made the next morning for his birthday.  Then he will return.

Today I got off work at 12 noon, as planned.  The first thing I did was go pick up GrandBoy's WIC.  Daughter #3 told me she needed me to do this.  I asked when, and she said whenever I wanted.  Well, I didn't know until last night that he had an appointment yesterday.  So I went today, and they let me pick up since my name is on the list.  Then I delivered the coupons to Daughter #3, since I was afraid she needed them so she could shop.

The next place I went was to the post offices and the bank.  No rent at either post office, but a BOUNCED rent check was at one!  I was furious.  She just gave me that check Saturday.  So not a week later it bounced.  I went to her bank to try to cash it, but still no good.  I called and left messages on her phone numbers.  The messages probably weren't very nice.  I just don't understand people.

The next place I went was to Walmart.  Pappy wanted me to pick up a window unit air conditioner.  I got that, and a few other items, and rushed out to head home.  I had one last stop to make.  I had a notice at the post office where we live that we had a package that wouldn't fit in our box.  Our Daughter #1 had a book and camera battery at the post office that needed to be picked up.

Just a few minutes after I got home, I got a phone call.  There was a problem at work, and I needed to come back.  It was 4:05, and I was on Staycation!  I loaded back up, after unloading my car, and headed back to the office. I was there about an hour and a half, then started home.  I stopped and picked up dinner, at Pappy's suggestion.  On my way home, I called my sister to see if she wanted to go to the unclaimed baggage center with us tomorrow.  I was unaware she was having health problems, and had a procedure done today.  She will get test results back tomorrow.  Please pray for her that she receives good news.  Funny how talking to someone who is in a "worse place" than you are at the moment, will straighten your mood right up.  I let go of the anger I had over my interrupted vacation, and prayed for my sister.

I did reach one conclusion though.  The first of next year, I am putting it on my schedule to make reservations for next labor day week.  I'm planning to leave town, as usual!

Hope you have a great and safe holiday weekend.  Honey

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