Saturday, September 10, 2011

Saturday Happenings. Work, Alabama Football, Freezing Okra

Today I did something I rarely do.   I went to work on Saturday.  I was off Monday for the holiday, and Thursday I was sick, so I went in to try to get caught up today.  After that, I went to the grocery  store, and Farmer's Market.  Daughter #1's discount at Kroger ends today.  They get a 20% holiday discount around most of the larger holidays.  This discount was for Labor Day.  They won't get another one till Thanksgiving.

 Today is the second week of College Football.  Alabama beat Penn State.  It was a good Saturday!

I picked up GrandBoy during half time.  After the game, he helped me put Okra into bags for the freezer.  He always has to help!

I didn't get to post anything yesterday because I was sick and went to bed early.  I remembered when I was laying down, but didn't want to get up.  I am better today.

Yesterday was Day 4 of Warrior Prayers 21 Days of Prayer for My Son.  Day 4 covers Integrity.  Day 5 is Avoiding Foolishness.  Avoiding foolishness is something we all need to do.  We've covered a lot in these five days.  Can't wait to see what develops from all this devoted prayer.

Daughter #1 starts her new job tonight.  She is still with the same company, but moves to a new store and begins a new position.  I hope she is very happy.

Daughter #3 is moving to a new home this weekend.  Daughter #2 is contemplating taking a second job.  Seems like life is full of changes around here.

Seems both our rentals are finally empty.  One I found empty today.  The key was above the door.  It is in pretty good shape.  The other, the lady called and said the key was in the water meter box.?  She said there were people there cleaning, and a BIG fat snake came in the basement, and they all left.  So the cleaning was not completed, and now a BIG fat snake lives in the house.  I'll check this out tomorrow.  After church, of course.

Hope your Sunday is blessed!  Honey

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