Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Feels Like Fall!

Oh, my goodness!  It is 55 degrees outside, which is about 40 degrees cooler than our temperatures last week.  I had to wear long sleeves and a light cardigan today.  But I still wore my sandals though.  This time of year is kind of depressing to me.  I think about how much of the year is gone, and how much I still need  to do before the end of the year.  I'm going to work on not getting caught up in that this year.  I'm sure GrandBoy will be a big help in that area.  Every day is such an adventure when he is around!  We are so blessed to have him.

I went to check my rental houses today.  Neither were empty.  Maybe they will both be empty tomorrow.  We can only hope.

Rent collection is going very well this month.  I'm not sure what that is about, but I'm thankful.  I think I've collected a third of our money already, and it is just the first week. 

Today was the first day of Warrior Prayers Challenge. We prayed about a change of heart.  It was a chore to try to get all the praying in.  I thought of it often, but would be doing something and not have my list with me to pray over.  So I just prayed anyway.  I'm sure I will get better at this, and I know all prayer matters!  But I am so wanting to smother GrandBoy in prayer for his future. 

I just thought of something cute GrandBoy said.  You know, at "almost three"  he is somewhat limited in his vocabulary.  Really he is advanced, but you know small children only know so many words.  Well, to him, any body of water is a "bathtub".  His wading pool, the lake, etc.  It is really cute.  And any sphere with a face on it is a "pumpkin".  Pappy got a lawn ornament that looks like a yellow smiley face.  It is in the flower garden.  Well, GrandBoy noticed it as soon as we got out of the car, and he wanted to make pumpkins, too.

I guess that is all for tonight.  Praying for some peace about many issues.  I hope you all are enjoying your fall weather.  Hope to see you tomorrow.  Honey

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