Saturday, September 3, 2011

Saturday Happenings. A Quiet Day at Home. Roll Tide!

Today is Saturday.  The Saturday before Labor Day.  This was a quiet day for us.  The air conditioner repair man was suppose to be here at 10:00 this morning.  Well, he called at about 10:15 and said he couldn't come because all the parts houses were closed for the holiday.  So I talked to Pappy and we decided to see if we could find anyone else who was working today.  Because if we had to wait till Tuesday to get our air fixed, we were going to be very hot this week end.

I found two companies who were working.  One came and fixed our unit.  The unit needed a capacitor.  So it was a pretty quick repair, and I'm so thankful it was not serious.  Now we are waiting as the house slowly cools down.

While I was trying to find a company to fix our air,  Daughter #3 called to say GrandBoy was ready to be picked up.  Her picture appointment was at 11, and it was 11.  I asked how that could be, and she said they went early.  Well, since I was busy, Daughter #2 went to pick up GrandBoy.  Before they got home, Daughter #2 had to stop to get gas, and GrandBoy proceeded to pull the nozzle out of the car.  They both smelled of gas and had to have baths!

College football games started today.  We are big Alabama fans in my family.  My parents left Wednesday to go to Tuscaloosa for the game.  My sister left yesterday afternoon.  We always watch the game from home.  Today we ate our own grain fed beef hamburgers, salad, chips with several different dips, and crock pot blueberry cobbler with ice cream.  I got the cobbler recipe from
It was super easy and every one loved it.  I will definitely make it again.  We of course loved the ending of the ballgame!

We are discussing what we are going to do with the rest of our long weekend staycation.  The rain is suppose to arrive tomorrow morning and we will get about three inches by tomorrow night.  I think we will just spend a quiet weekend at home!  See you tomorrow.   Honey

Baby twin sheep born on the farm

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