Thursday, September 8, 2011

GrandBoy Hits the Cow Sale & Day 3 Warrior Prayers

We took GrandBoy to the Cow Sale today.  I was staying home from work because I have a sinus  and ear infection.  So Pappy asked me to come along, so he could bid.  It is hard to bid on cows and watch GrandBoy at the same time.

The top photo shows the arena where the sale takes place.  The second photo shows a large cow running through the chute.  My photography is not that great, and the lights were dim in there.  GrandBoy loved the cow sale.  Pappy bought four cows today.  But GrandBoy's favorite was walking on the cat walk to look down on the cows.  They wanted me to come, but I did not.  I'm afraid of heights, and so that was not very appealing.

Today is also Day 3 of Warrior Prayers - 21 Days of Prayer for Boys.  Today we prayed about Submission to Authority.  I have a great group, and I am enjoying comparing notes with them.

Well, I guess that is all here today.  Hope you all have a great Friday, and a wonderful weekend.  Honey

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