Monday, November 14, 2011

Tuesdays News

Welcome to my farm!  I'm so glad you stopped by to see me today!  Around here, we are getting ready for the stormy weather that is suppose to arrive tomorrow.  This involves putting the last of the bell peppers into our freezer, packing up items to donate or sell that are currently sitting on our carport, and picking up patio cushions to pack away for next year.  It is almost Thanksgiving, so I guess it is time for those things.  Today it was 77 degrees.  Still hot for November.  But that will change tomorrow with the rain.

Daughter #1 bought me a dress for my birthday.  But I needed to exchange it.  So I went to do that today.  I looked, and looked.  I bought one home without trying it on.  I had tried on several that didn't work.  If this one doesn't work, I'll be back at the store, I guess.  I hope it fits and I can wear it during the holidays.

Daughter #1 is sick.  She has been in bed most of the day, and may go to the doctor tomorrow and ask for a shot.  I don't know if she has a cold or the flu.  I hope no one else gets it.

Daughter #3 got a call today from the police that her items that had been recently stolen, have been recovered.  She went to claim them.  She was so excited.  She said they had many items that they didn't know who they belong to.

I have re-started my health program to try to control my fibroid tumors without surgery.  I was doing well until the tornado last spring.  So yesterday, I began my supplements again, and will make a more diligent effort to keep processed food out of my diet.  I need to cut white sugar also, but that is hard.  Most of the white sugar in my diet falls in the category of coffee and tea.  Neither are as good without white sugar!  One new change that I added is iodine.  I started with 4 drops a day in a drink.  I believe the goal is to work up to 40 drops once a day.  The iodine helps balance hormones (which I need) and it kills tumors from the inside out.  That would be nice.  More and more people are commenting on my "baby bump", when my due date is, etc.  I have developed those blue veins on my stomach.  It is impossible to find clothes to fit.  So If I don't do this, I may have to wear a mu mu!  The other new thing I'm trying is drinking "probiotic juice"  in the morning.  You get it in the organics section of the grocery store.  I drink just a small juice glass each morning.  I'll let you know how it goes!

GrandBoy Swinging at the Park!  Photo and moment by Daughter #2

Tonight for dinner, we had stuffed shells in tomato sauce, lima beans, and corn.  The lima beans, corn, and tomato sauce were all from our garden and canned by me!  You can't get much less "processed" than that!  See you tomorrow.  Honey

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