Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ten Things That Happened in My Life While I Was Off The Internet

Hi friends.  I told you I would be back today, and here I am.  While I was gone off line a week, a lot of things happened in my life.  I'm going to highlite 10 of them today.

1.  I turned 48!  Yes, I did.  I had a wonderful day.  My parents were also married 49 years, the same exact day!

2.  We (mostly Pappy) finished the mobile home we were making ready for our Daughter #3.  She and our GrandBoy moved in today, just down the road from our farm.

3.  I canned sliced apples for pies and dinners this winter.

4.  I put quart bags of turnip greens in our freezer.  I found out that this is very hard work when done alone.  I have never put up turnip greens by myself before.  When my girls were little, they would help our elderly neighbor, Emma, to prepare the turnip greens.  She would always tell me the greens had been through "5 wash waters".  She would wash, the girls would sort the leaves and pull out the bad ones.  Then they would remove the stems.  She would blanch, and we would put into freezer containers.  This year, Miss Emma passed on.  My girls are all grown and  too busy to help their Mama put up turnip greens.  So this was the first time I've done it alone.  And I decided that it is a lot of work!

5.  I had a tooth pulled.  It was NOT fun!  The tooth had broken about three times during the last four years, but this time, there was very little left.  I was afraid it would become painful before I could get in to see the dentist.  I was lucky.  But the extraction was not pleasant.  This tooth was only suppose to have one root, but it had three.  A normal extraction takes about 10 minutes.  This extraction took about 40 minutes.  I never developed much pain, so that was a blessing. 

6.  Someone stole my pain pills. 

7.  My Dad had his birthday, and turned 70!  Everyone says he doesn't look his age, and he doesn't act it, either.

8.  I got a hair cut.  Actually, I got about 6 inches of hair cut off.  I thought about doing the "locks of love" thing, but I think Pappy was a bit afraid, that I would end up with no hair left.  So I didn't try that this time.

9.  Daughter #2 received an award at school "Most Ethical" or something.  She is in Criminal Justice, and was very honored.  She hung it in her room for inspiration on the days she wonders why she is there.

10.  Daughter #1 will find out in January if she gets in the LPN program.  We are

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