Sunday, November 13, 2011

Monday - Life on the Farm

Hello friends.  Let me catch you up on farm life lately, while I have been unable to be here.  In the last 10 days, Pappy said we have had four calves.  We will be having more, soon.  Today Pappy loaded up four cows to take to the sale this week.  I think later in the week he plans to take some sheep to the sale. 

Today I did a little around here for food preserving for the winter.  To begin with, I harvested the rose hips on my rose bushes.  I know some use these to make tea.  I haven't studied up on that, and I'm not sure if I will try.  But I saw them used in a craft instead of holly berries.  So I thought that might be nice for the holidays.  I also picked up dogwood berries.  I canned 4 quarts and one pint of grape juice to try.  I put the last pint of tomatoes in the freezer.  All of our green ones turned, and I took down the hanging rack they were in.  Next weekend our wine will be ready to bottle!  Pappy picked a big basket of bell peppers today.  They are the last of our garden harvest for this year.

Our oldest daughter is sick in the bed.  Some type of flu I guess.  Hope she is better tomorrow.

We are taking some items to the thrift store tomorrow to donate.  We also cleared our a house this weekend. 

Well, I guess that is all the news from around here.  At least on the farm side.  I'll be seeing you again tomorrow, I hope!  Honey

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