Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Hi friends. It is really windy here right now.  I hope things calm down before bedtime.  Today was a busy day.  Next week is Thanksgiving, and only about six more weeks in this year.  How depressing!  Time really flies.  I guess I need to get ready for next week.  Make a plan and a shopping list.  Decorate and clean.  All those things.  We invite lots of friends who we think my appreciate an invitation.  Singles, people who have family that lives away.  All kinds of different situations.  We always have a great time.

When I got off work, I picked up the glass order.  I went to Daughter #2's office and took her some snacks I had for her lunch.  Crackers and peanut butter, fruit, and water.  May not have been what she would have chosen, but she didn't starve!

I met two of my tenants to pick up rent.  I delivered the glass to the rental where Pappy was working today.  It was starting to get late.  I went to the two post offices that I go to daily.  I was on my way to the farm, when I got a call.  Someone wanted to pay their rent.  Daughter #1 needed to go to bed, so I stopped at the farm and picked up GrandBoy.  On the way home I stopped to pick up dinner.  Before we got home, GrandBoy had fallen asleep.  He has been asleep ever since.  This has never happened before.  I hope he is not getting sick. 

Tomorrow we are going to the dentist.  Pappy and I are having our teeth cleaned.  GrandBoy is having his looked at for the first time.  He has Medicaid.  It is hard to find a dentist for Medicaid.  Last year when I took him to see his dentist, he wouldn't open his mouth.  This year he is 3.  Right before his appointment, I get a call that the dentist has retired and the new dentist won't accept Medicaid.  So our dentist will just look at GrandBoy's teeth (for $20).  If there is a problem, I will need to find a Medicaid dentist.  But for now, this will do I think.

Daughter #2 planned to come to church tonight, but she had a flat tire.  Daughter #3 picked her up.  Maybe next week.

We have had a cold front come in today.  Yesterday I had the air on, and now it is cool outside.  Hello Autumn!  I will see you all tomorrow!  Honey!

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