Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday - My trip to the Hospital ER

Well last night was an eventful night for us!  It started out to be a normal Sunday.  We went to church.  After church, I was busy putting up the groceries for Thanksgiving dinner.  I ordered our Christmas cards and some business cards for Pappy and I.  I needed to go to the drug store to put some money on my "credit card" so I could pay for the order.  I decided that because we were so busy, I would pick up dinner on my way out.  I asked Pappy what he wanted to eat, and he said McDonald's was fine.  It is the closest to our farm, and has a drugstore next door.  So I went to the store, and then to the McDonald's drive through.  I got double cheeseburgers and fries for everyone.  Off the dollar menu, you know.  Then I went home to do more paperwork.

We ate, and I started the evictions.  I had 7 to get ready to post Monday.  That means the month is almost over, and 7 people haven't paid.  So I got my paperwork finished and wrote some cards to mail out.  I was starting to not feel so good.  I decided to take a bath, that would surely make me feel better.  Things really start escalate from here.

I thought I had indigestion.  I wondered why I was the only person who felt bad, when we all ate the same food.  I took 2 tums and got in the bath.  I stayed in the bath a total of about 5 minutes - just long enough to wash my face and rinse off.  I was so uncomfortable.  I decided I needed to lay down.  I was up and down, moving from room to room, and pacing.  At one point, Pappy said I could either get dressed, or he was calling an ambulance, but I was going to the hospital.  I had started to cry.  He had never seen me in so much pain.  I kept telling myself that I couldn't be having a heart attack.  Every time I have a check up they tell me how good my heart is, and my blood pressure.  I couldn't have a bad heart.  But I still thought I was dying!

My #1 Daughter helped me get dressed.  I couldn't lift my leg high enough to put my pants on.  I had a bra and shirt on, but had to take my bra off, because I was in so much pain, and couldn't breath!  My daughter said, "You aren't going to wear a bra to the hospital?"  I told her that I couldn't, I hurt too much.  My daughter has probably never seen me without a bra.  She knew I was sick.

So we get to the hospital and head into the ER.  There was a sign that said 4 hour wait.  The clerk asked if he could help me.  I said I don't think we can wait 4 hours.  Pappy said "she's having chest pains",  and the circus started.  Forget the four hour wait and the lobby full of people.  They rushed me around the ER, and called to report to someone that there was a "chest pain" in the chair.  People were grabbing my arms and doing different things and tests.  One person ran a thermometer around my whole face.  The guy doing my triage grabbed my shirt, pulled it up to put sticky things all over my chest, and was stunned!  I don't guess I looked like a person who wouldn't wear a bra.  His eyes got big as plates, and he jerked my shirt back down.  Then I guess he realized he had to get those sticky pads on my chest, so he hesitantly raised my shirt again.  My eyes rolled back in my head, and it was all I could do not to burst out laughing.  When it was all done, and they decided I was not currently having a heart attack, I announced that my daughter TOLD me not to come to the Er without a bra.  She's in nursing school, so I guess she knows those things.  You only ever hear about clean underwear, not bras.  But now I know.

In case you are wondering, I have gall stones.  I guess I have several, and a large one is blocking my duct.  The doctor wanted me to stay last night for surgery, but I asked to come home to schedule.  The surgeon agreed with me, so I am off to meet the surgeon tomorrow.  I will keep you posted on that development. 

And if you end up sick and have to go to the hospital, just pray that you hadn't just eaten McDonald's.  They will never believe that you rarely eat it any other time!  Trust me on that one.  Have a blessed week.  Honey

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