Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tuesday and I'm Tuckered Out!

This shot is of some of our sheep and one white goat. This breed of sheep is Barbedos.
Hi Ladies and Gents,
Welcome back to our home. I hope you had a lovely day. It was cool here, but sunny so that was nice. Today was a busy day. Pappy worked at a rental property, painting and such. He also tried to clean up three years' worth of unraked leaves. The yard will be an ongoing project! He also moved some goats from another pasture back to the farm for the winter. He worked on the driveway some more. This has to be done a little at a time, so it will hold, and not crumble apart. Now he is working on the walnuts.
When I got to work this morning, #2 daughter was waiting in my parking lot. She wanted a little encouragement before she went to an interview across the street. She banged on my window and scared me to death! I rushed around like a crazy woman after I got off at noon. I went by the grocery where #1 daughter works, then to the insurance office because they needed photos of our farm-type trucks. I went to the post office boxes, and then to the bank with the daily rent. I found out a tenant of ours has a family member in the hospital. His 1 year old daughter has been in the hospital with RSV for 3 weeks. I think I will take some things by the hospital tomorrow. I am praying for them and especially their beautiful little girl.
I met Pappy at the rental to see the progress he and our #3 daughter have made to get in whipped into shape. It is greatly improved!
I also got gas, and ran by the drug store with an errand for Pappy. I hurried home to unload the car at 3:30, in case I had to pick up kids tonight. We had scheduled a dinner "party" for the children at our church. They came to our farm for sloppy joes and hot dogs. For desert we had fruit and Carmel dip, chocolate graham crackers, and pie. I think they had a good time, and it is back to school for all of them tomorrow. My #1 daughter picked up and dropped off kids for me, which was a big help! We have three daughters, born in one calendar year! The twins are 21, and our "baby" is 20. It used to be very busy with kids, but now that part of our life has quieted down some.
So it seems we didn't do lots of farm things today, but we do little things everyday. Things like feeding all the critters. I've also pledged to declutter this year. My goal is 10 items a day, or 70 a week. So far I'm on track, but we are only on day 4!
That's all the news today. I'm reading along with the B90 day group. It sounds like the ladies in my group are doing an Awesome job! I hope I can keep up with them! Honey

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