Monday, January 17, 2011

Thoughts on Life

Today is our third check in with Mom's Tool Box and Bible 90 Days. I am caught up, except for today's reading. So I am happy about that. Yesterday I was behind a few days, because the Grand-boy stayed here while he was sick this week. But I was able to get caught up, and I am thankful.
The ladies in my group, and the other ladies and and gents who are reading (there are over 900 of us!), are so insightful. It is so amazing and refreshing to read what they pick up from the readings. I have a problem with push, push, pushing to get something done, because I am always busy and need to finish. But in this, I miss a lot of Joy that I would notice if I took more time to slow down. I have really focused on this (finding Joy) in the last six months. I have been slowly collecting reminders of Joy, and putting them around my house to remind me to search for the Joy in each day and each moment. So I am really blown away by the happiness so many are getting out of reading the Bible. I am going to make an effort to slow down this week and see what God has to say to me!
When Pappy and I were young marrieds with three beautiful baby girls 2, 2, and 1, we bought a house. Our neighbors were an older couple. They came to introduce themselves and to meet our girls. Our girls were all in diapers then, and now one has a baby of her own! Our neighbor's husband passed on many years ago. Now the lady is 92, and in the nursing home, in her last days. I know she doesn't have much time left. She told me she wants to die, that she is praying to die. I told her she may be ready, but I'm not! I am missing her all ready, and feeling guilty that I don't want her to go yet. She is one of the best examples of a Christian woman I have ever known. When my girls were little, she would make sure they got off the bus, because my husband worked third shift, and if the driver didn't see him at the door, she wouldn't leave my girls. So my neighbor would double check, to make sure they were OK. She would share her dinner with us sometimes, calling me to say she cooked too much soup or beans, to bring a bowl and pick some up for our dinner. She said someone helped her when she was young and worked, and she wanted to do the same. She would call me with gifts from her garden. She watched my children occasionally when they were sick, so I could go to work. She taught my girls to shuck corn, and taught us all how to put up turnip greens! We attended church together for about 17 years. It seemed she was old when I met her, and now we are both a lot older! Twenty years older! I love her.
Have a good week, and I'm praying for all those who are reading! Honey


  1. Hey Cindy! I'm so glad that you have a blog! I have been catching up reading it. I wanted to apologize that I didn't get in touch with you when I was in Huntsville last year. Bronwyn and Ansley got sick with a virus and the time just flew by trying to get everything ready to take her to college. We plan to go to the states at the end of this year, and we will stay longer, so we can definitely get together. Meanwhile, I'll keep up with you through your blog. Would love the recipe for the cream of mushroom soup. We don't have that here. Thanks also for your prayers for our family. Love, Benay

  2. Hi Benay! I knew something must have come up when you were in town. And I'm sure you are probably busy the whole time you are here. I know that is how it is when my husband goes home to Texas. But I will look forward to seeing you when you are in town next. We'd love to have you out to the farm. I'll send you the recipe for soup! I switched to a mostly organic, non processed diet about a year ago for health reasons. I'll be glad to share with you. Love, Honey (that's what my grand-boy calls me)! PS Did you know he and Giovanni are only about 2 weeks apart?

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