Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sick Grand-boy!

The pictures above are some taken this week in our snow. Daughter # 1 and her gentleman-caller made the snowman. The other one is a view from our house toward the pond.
I don't know where this week went! Grand-boy is here, and has been since yesterday. He is sick and his Mama took him to the doctor. He has a very bad cough, fever, flu type symptoms. He is pretty miserable. We didn't get a lot of sleep around here, to say the least.
Schools here, for the most part, are still closed. I don't ever remember schools here closing for a week because of snow. The county schools were we live will open tomorrow for about half a day, but all the others are closed. I will try to go to work tomorrow as well. Oh, well. I did get a lot done around here while it lasted. My grandmother always said that if snow laid 3 days, another would come. So I guess we are in for another yet. I believe Sunday it will be in the 50s here, though.
Today one of the things I did was to process 2 large pumpkins that I had been holding downstairs until I could get to them. I cut them in two, and scooped out the insides. I baked them skin side up, until soft. Then I peeled them, and measured out 2 cup increments into freezer bags. I got 10 bags, so we won't need to buy any pumpkin for baking. I had three pumpkins put back, but one had a lot of bad places when I cut into it, so we gave it to the goats. Now I wish I could find some marked down mushrooms in the produce department, because I need to make some more cream of mushroom soup to can. I am down to my last two jars. It is fantastic!
It's getting late here and I have to get up really early to get the Grand-boy and I ready to leave and get to work on time with the ice. I will see you all again tomorrow! Honey

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