Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Rainy Day!

Photo from Christmas Morning!

What happened to twenty percent chance of rain? It has rained and been cold and miserable all day. Now "they" say we may have snow again Friday and Sunday. We never have snow in Alabama. I always get the paper for Pappy to have the weather for the next seven days. Well I got the paper today, after I heard about the snow news on the radio, and it does not mention snow. So who do you believe?

Not a lot to tell today. I ran a lot of errands and went to Bible study. I also cooked dinner. Pappy worked on the basement that he is finishing out, and the greenhouse. He also made jerky from several sources like turkey and ham.

I have an update on the sick child I mentioned last night. The family is Hispanic, and I got the information from the dad on the phone last night. Well we had a bit of a communication problem. Today when I saw him in person, I learned they have a NEW baby, and the new baby (3 weeks old, 1 month early) is the sick baby in the hospital with a tube in her side going into her lung. So pray for baby Emma, and her entire family during this difficult time.

Come back tomorrow. I'll be waiting here for you! Honey

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