Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow, Decluttering, and "Junk" Shopping

Our small town got 11 inches of snow! And more is on the way for tomorrow. So I don't know when we will get thawed out here. But Pappy said regardless, he has to drive around the county and feed the cows Wednesday, or we will have a mess on our hands, with cows out everywhere.

Well, as you can tell, I'm not very good at page design. I can never get the photos where I want, etc. I need to take lessons I guess. Any suggestions?
I went "junk"shopping, as we call it, Saturday with the Grand-boy. We went looking for work pants at the thrift stores for Pappy. He is a big tall guy, and it is hard to find clothes to fit him anywhere, let alone at a second hand shop. But I don't like to pay full price for his work clothes, because they get torn up and worn out pretty quickly. Well, I went to the next bigger town over from us to check their thrift stores. You know, January is a great month to shop thrift stores if you have a list of the items you are looking for, because a lot of items get donated then. So I found Pappy four pair of jeans and a heavy pull over. I got me 4 long sleeve t-shirts (I don't seem to know where I put mine. I've tried wearing short sleeves and a long sleeve blouse, but not as warm.) But the great score of the day, in Grand-boy's eyes, was the John Deere collection. I got the riding toy above, priced on the Internet at $80, for $9. I also got the John Deere toy bin rack priced on the Internet for $150, for $12, and a toy plastic tractor that is really a book, priced on the Internet for $2o, for a buck! So Grand-boy had a great day, as did we all.
I made a resolution to de-clutter my house this year. I decided to do 10 items a day. This seems like a lot, but we have had a lot of change in our house this past year, and need to clear items out. Two daughters and the Grand-boy moved out (and in and out, etc). We have had grandmothers pass on, etc. I sold and closed a business, you get the picture. So each day I do 10 items, or weekly I do 70. I did good the first week, and plan to continue. Items count if I pass them on to others, donate, box up and pass on to the rightful owner daughter, or trash. I'm not keeping a list, I started to, but it got to be a chore. So now I have two boxes labeled donate or books. I also make bags for people, with their name on them. The two boxes stay in my kitchen. The bags go to the car. I make hash marks on the kitchen calendar each day to see how I am doing. So far so good. Wish me luck!
I'll be back later today to post about B90 Days. Talk later! Honey


  1. Isn't it amazing how life changes produce such a need for decluttering?

    Sounds like you're doing great. Thanks for linking up, and I hope you'll join in again next month!

  2. Hi Nony! Thanks for stopping by! I definitely plan to link next month. Hope to be successful in this together! Thanks for the challenge! Honey

  3. I think that's a great resolution. I have a book called "That Military LIfe" I purchased it when we became a military family and it basically helps with the decluttering process which is necessary with the mulitple moves military familes face. It sorta outlines a system for going through things. I have found it useful in how I think about things now. Keep, donate, sell...everytime I go through the toy box or anything I use that system. Works well for us! My in laws are thrift store addicts. They get some amazing buys there. My rice cooker and a new coffee pot, $1 each!

  4. Great idea, AngieK! Do you use your rice cooker much? I always look at those. Currently I make mine in the microwave. But I know a lot of people don't think microwaves are healthy. But I guess as long as Pappy is around, we'll have a microwave, because he uses it a lot!