Thursday, February 23, 2012

We are Going to Test our Water

I was talking to Pappy again today about the baby sheep and goats.  We decided that I should get our water tested.  We are on a spring fed well.  Our house water is filtered, but the rest of the farm isn't.  So I am going to test the unfiltered water first, to see if anything shows up.  I will take a sample to the Health Department.  We really should do this yearly, but haven't done it since we moved in.

Another plan is to wait and see.  We are fixing to start having calves here.  If we start losing calves, that would be an expensive problem.  So if the same things start appearing in the calves, Pappy will call the farmers, and ask if they have made any changes in the chemicals they use on their crops.  We are literally surrounded by 100 acres of cotton and soy beans, so run off of what they may be using is a real possibility. 

Ok.  Now we have a plan.  I'll keep you posted!  Honey

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