Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lost Sheep .... and Goats

This year we have had something happen that we've not seen before.  We have been here on the farm since 2001.  This year we have lost half our baby goats, and two of the baby sheep, born on our home farm.  We've never had this happen before.  And it is not happening at the other pastures we rent. 

We have never had a problem with our sheep.  Sheep are the easiest thing to raise.  They have their babies and they take care of them.  We just have to check on the new ones if it is extremely cold outside.  Otherwise they do fine.  The baby lambs born at our other pastures are fine.  But we've had two here at the farm house so far, and both have been found dead. 

The baby goats that have died, acted a little off.  And their mothers had no milk.  We started to bottle feed, But the goats continued to go down hill.  We've never had a year like this.

We've tried to figure out what is different that could be causing this.  We looked at our feed, and at the hay.  I wonder if the farmers around here have changed what they are spraying on their crops.  We live in the middle of a 100 acre farm place.  The farm was split up about 15 years ago at auction.  We go the farm house and 15 acres and the pond.  The other land is still crops.

So I have no answers today.  Just questions, and sharing our story with you.  Hope you stop by again tomorrow.  Honey

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